Shows are an opportunity to showcase what it is that we enjoy doing: building with LEGO®.  This gives us a chance to collaborate on large-scale displays that we would be unable to do alone and to show off our individual creations!  We also get together to socialize and converse about the hobby we all enjoy.  We have been very fortunate to be invited to participate in a variety of shows and events throughout the years all over the province.

Upcoming Shows


July 2024

Western Development Museum, 50 Diefenbaker Drive, Moose Jaw


September 2024


October 2024

Souris Valley Leisure Center, 701 Souris Ave., Estevan


December 2024

White City Community Center, 12 Ramm Ave., White City


February 2025

World Trade Centre at Prairieland Park, 503 Ruth St W, Saskatoon


March 2025

Western Development Museum, 50 Diefenbaker Drive, Moose Jaw


April 2025

2225 Sandra Schmirler Way, Regina


April 2025

Evraz Place (Regina Exhibition Grounds), Regina

Ongoing Displays

Regina Airport Display

Ongoing collaborative build for the Regina Airport. Started December 2021 and there is a current display today in 2023.

Past display themes: “MARVEL City Mayhem”, Beach Boardwalk, Autumn to Winter, Sask Games.


Past Special Events

Clavet School Show

Clavet, Feburary 2023

Displaying builds alongside the students in Clavet School’s LEGO® Club.


Brick Lab

Regina, July 2021

For our second month displaying alongside the Towers of Tomorrow exhibit at the Saskatchewan Science Centre we decided to showcase some of the Architecture within our own province. These builds all happen to be different locations within the City of Regina, including the City Hall area, notable downtown buildings and the Provincial Legislature.


Towers of Tomorrow – Saskatchewan Skyline

Regina, June 2021

We were welcomed to showcase our builds at the Saskatchewan Science Centre during their run of the Towers of Tomorrow exhibit.


Queen City Anifest

Regina, 2017 – 2019


Noon Year’s Eve

Regina, December 2019

Our final event of 2019 came on the last day of the year, taking part in the Saskatchewan Science Center’s annual New Year’s family event. Our display, one of many spread through the center, showcased a number of moving amusement park attractions, as well as a GBC, Fallout shelter build and a few other oddities. What a way to ring in the new year!



Regina, 2016 – 2018

SLUG returned to Ignite! at the Saskatchewan Science Center! We had a display full of Pop Culture creations, Microscale builds and a working Great Ball Contraption! Melissa, Lorelie, Jason M., Tim, Jeff, Colby and Trevor were on hand to display to the crowd.



Library Show

Esterhazy, 2018

Our first showcase in Esterhazy was well received! With a handful of creations by Tim, Kelly, Jason and Adam were displayed at this one-day event.


Canada’s 150th Anniversary

Across Canada, 2017

Collaborative build of a topographical map of Canada for Canada’s 150th Anniversary.


Gallery Show

Shaunavon, 2018

SLUG was invited to Shaunavon to run a series of workshops for young builders, as well as display some work at an evening showcase. Adam hit the road to spend time with these aspiring creators.



Regina, 2016 – 2017

This event focus is mainly Anime-styled themes. We came with a number of builds by Jim, Lorelie, Jeff, Colby, Rick and Adam.



Regina, 2017

Regina played host to the Canada-Wide Science Fair this year! During the STEAM event (showcasing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), we challenged visitors to create a brick-built bridge that could withstand 10 kg. Jim, Sharif, Adam, Wes, Lorelie and Jeff were on hand to issue the challenge, along with a handful of our creations.

2017 photos

RPL Maker Faire

Regina, 2015

Our last show of the year was the annual Maker Faire hosted by the Regina Public Library. There, we were able to showcase the work of Jim, Adam, Jeff, Karen, Trevor, Lorelie and Tim!


Kinettes Club Craft Show

Regina, 2015

This was our third appearance at the show with many of our Regina members taking part! Jim, Lorelie, Trent, Jeff, Tim, Ray J., Ray M., Adam, Caleb, Chris, Waylon, Nicole, and Jill all built creations for this show.


RPL Geek Summit

Regina, 2014 – 2015

Our second display at this show saw Jim, Chris, Waylon, Jeff, Adam, Nicole, Scott, Lorelie, Tim, Wes and Jill bring many winter-themed creations!


Brick Wars

Regina, 2014

Televised competition show to put builders skills to the test.