Saskatchewan LEGO® Users Group (SLUG) welcomes new members!

Want to join? Read read our members FAQs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in joining SLUG? Read the FAQs below.

What do members do?

As a member, you can participate as much as you like in the following:

  • Events/shows: Show off your MOCS at public events
  • Group chat: Chat online with members about LEGO®
  • Challenges: Creative building challenges based on criteria of the challenge (example: build bookends themed like a book)
  • Parts Drafts: Participants all buy the same LEGO® set that they all divide up by part type. Participants then draw numbers and rotate through getting to select which parts they want.
  • Social events: We gather on a regular basis for social events where we gather, socialize, talk LEGO® and even play LEGO® based building games and challenge ourselves to other LEGO® events.
What is the minimum age?

As an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO®) Group, we do set a minimum age of 18. 

What does it cost to join?
It’s free to join!
What does membership include?

Members try to meet monthly, either in person or on Zoom. There is a Discord chat where we can talk LEGO® together, as well as a monthly newsletter and communication via email. Members have a vote at the AGM and can run for the board.

Can I join if I don’t live in Saskatchewan?

Yes, but to receive Active member status you will still need to participate in Saskatchewan based events.

Do I need to have a large LEGO® collection to join?

No; however, meaningful participation in one of SLUG’s main outreach activities (building custom MOCs to show) requires some minimum access to bricks. The larger your collection, the easier it will be to participate.

Do I have to build certain types of things?
All builders are welcome! Our work spans a number of different themes, including: super-heroes, large-scale vehicles, trains, space and beyond! Some of us are long time builders, others collect sets, or are just getting started with their collection. We encourage everyone to build!
What is the time commitment?

There is no minimum time commitment. The more you put into the group, the more you get out of it.

Still want to join?

Email to set up an interview.


Ray Morton

Regina – Joined: July 2009

I got my first set, the Universal Building Set 722 when I was six, and I’ve been building ever since. LEGO® has influenced me so much that I have a career designing truck equipment. My theme of choice is TECHNIC with some POWER FUNCTIONS thrown in. I guess you could say I’m a “gear” head. Since joining the club, I’ve started dabbling in CITY… with some POWER FUNCTIONS thrown in.

Scott Stasiuk

Regina – Joined: July 2009

I started building when I was six or seven years old. I began with the Fire House 6385 and Mobile Police Truck 6450 sets. They were both very fun and I really took to the CITY series. I spent most of my childhood building, creating and playing. I took a small break during highschool, but after graduating I got my first job and my collection grew greatly. Soon after I was able to get my first TRAIN set. That quickly became my favourite. I have been taking part in our layouts at the train shows for several years now and love it. My favourite themes are TRAIN , CITY and CREATOR. Some other themes that have peaked my interest are CASTLE and MODEL TEAM.


Adam Dodge

Regina – Joined: July 2009

I have been building for as long as I can remember. My building began with SPACE themes in the 80’s and continued into various CITY themes. I have dabbled with ADVENTURE, STAR WARS and CASTLE themes from time to time, but once I found my way to the TRAIN series of sets, my building area grew, as did my desire to share what I was doing with others. I participated in two shows before the group formed, and have been involved with SLUG ever since. I am convinced that working with other Adult builders has enhanced my own building style and has challenged me to think and build outside of the box / brick. Since doing so, I have traveled to a number of LEGO® conventions to experience more exceptional creations by incredible builders. I also enjoy taking part in online building contests which continually test my abilities and make me to try my best.


Christopher Ursu

Estevan- Joined: July 2009

The first set I ever owned was either Castle 6075, the unnamed 1968 or Turbo Racer 6502. Whatever that first childhood set was, I was hooked! After an eight year hiatus during high school and university my interest in building was reignited. Now my favorite themes are CITY and TRAIN . I first participated in the 2010 Thunder Creek Model Train Show and have been involved with SLUG ever since.



Andre Lalonde

Saskatoon – Joined: February 2011

My first set was the Helicopter Transport 6328 and expanded into the CITY theme at a very young age. I was also interested in Lionel and HO scale models trains, so I started saving my money for LEGO® Trains. The Cargo Train 4512 was my first TRAIN set and I began collection all the 90’s-era trains that I could. My collection has grown a great deal since then. I have also built many 1:40 scale Saskatchewan Landmarks including the Saskatoon Traffic Bridge, the Poplar River Saskpower Station and a Grain elevator.


Linda Vogt

Saskatoon – Joined: February 2011

I’ve built with LEGO® for as long as I can remember. I started seriously collecting when I received several TRAIN sets and track from my parents. I’ve expanded into the Modular Building series, as well as a bit of the CASTLE and CREATOR themes. For several years Andre and I did the Saskatoon train show together, and then we were approached by SLUG! I’ve been a member of the group every since.

Ray Jacobs

Regina – Joined: May 2011

As a child LEGO® was my doorway into new worlds: race cars, fire trucks , spaceships, robots. Anything was possible. It was my favourite toy and inspired my imagination to no end. The official sets were great but it was building my own creations that I enjoyed the most. I stopped building as I got older not because I wanted to but because I felt I was too old for LEGO®. I entered my “dark age”. Nearly a decade ago I saw some LEGO® creations by adults online and realized I could build again! I dug out my childhood LEGO® from my parents basement and combined it with new sets. I started building large scale trucks. Soon after I discovered SLUG. This group helped me refine my techniques, challenge and diversify my build subjects and has lead to terrific friendships. This hobby is more than colourful blocks. It utilizes creativity, design, long term planning, deal finding, innovative and unusual thinking. I most enjoy talking to other SLUG members about the hobby. There are always more doors into new worlds!


Tom Dreyer

Saskatoon – Joined: December 2011

A while back I came across a copy of Brick Journal at the bookstore which rekindled for me an interest in the magic of LEGO®. As a child my family would travel to Germany to visit our relatives every few years, and the highlight of the trip for me was the one set I was allowed to purchase. If I had only managed to hang on to them in their original packaging! These days I build when time and space allow me, mostly Steampunk creations and SPEED CHAMPIONS.

Caleb Flutur

Saskatoon – Joined: January 2012

The first set I can remember is the Slick Racer 6546. I began building CITY creations until coming across a garage sale where I found different pirate pieces. This set me down a historical path and, after getting King’s Castle Seige 7094 I fell in love with the CASTLE theme. Although I would consider CASTLE my primary building interest, I enjoy building in other themes. I am known in the group for making fragile, unsteady builds, but I enjoy pushing the boundaries of the brick.


Trent Reddekopp

Regina – Joined: April 2012

My first set was Mobile Rocket Launcher 462 in 1980 when I was seven years old. Back then it was just one of many toys and I didn’t see the inherent possibilities beyond the basic build. Then in 2008 my seven year old got his first set: Police Helicopter 7741. Helping him build that rekindled my appreciation for how simple, yet incredibly useful, the system is. I found myself buying him LEGO® at regular intervals and the more I helped him build, the more I found myself tinkering with bricks on my own. Then I was buying sets specifically for me. The online community of builders blew my mind. Some of the most creative art I’ve ever seen is found within the AFOL community. I want to fulfill my need to “create” by attempting to at least approach their level of proficiency and skill. I have a long way to go.


David Yaffe

Regina – Joined: August 2012

I started with LEGO® when my Grandpa got me my first Duplo set, in 1975. The first real set I remember getting was the Space Cruiser 487, in 1978. During my teen years my involvement faded, until the UFO series was introduced in 1997. My favourite series are CITY fire fighting, TRAIN and the MiniFigs. I also enjoy building TECHNIC sets along with Ultimate Collectors sets.

Karen Simpson

Regina Beach – Joined: May 2013

I didn’t have any LEGO® as a child, but every now and then my older brother would let me play with him and his SPACE sets. I re-introduced myself to building with the introduction of the Harry Potter sets in conjunction with the motion pictures. I bought several sets for my young daughters. We also enjoyed several of the BELVILLE and ORIENT EXPEDITION sets. I found I ended up enjoying building the sets while my daughters preferred playing with them once they were built. Their interest tapered off as they got older and when we moved out of the city, it all ended up in a tote in the storage room. A few years back while looking for gifts for my son I came across the Winter Village collection and ordered them to include with my annual Christmas home décor. Building them together each year is a fun tradition I started with my children (toddlers to teenagers). It re-sparked my interest in building but I also found I had a desire to learn new building techniques and start designing my own creations with the parts I have from old sets. I hope to build my collection share the techniques I learn with my young children because I think that having a vision, designing and creating it is a tool that will be very functional later in life. I was very happy to find and join SLUG so that I can find inspiration and learn new things!


Trevor Lien

Regina – Joined: December 2013

I began learning the 7 inner-most secrets in 1977 at the age of 7 with the 850-1 Forklift, & 851-1 Tractor – both of which came to me near the winter Solstice of the year. By the rising of Ostara my resources were strengthened by the 870-1 4.5V Electric Power Pack & 871-1 Expert Builder/Gear Parts. Those seeds sank roots which anchored an ever deepening sacred library while my most mystic mechanisms were formed in those young years. Through the interceding decades I have both discovered secret wonders and wandered through dark periods to arrive where I am. Since 2012CE, my path has been restored before me and the great solutions are becoming clearer to me. I feel as though the tools I need are nearly whole yet some part of me knows that the building process may never be complete. If you’re reading this now, then I’m likely already too late. Humanity has reached it’s final days. Your best hope is to spend the remaining time building. The remaining steps in my plan include building a sufficiently complete and organized bank of elements that I can survive the End of Days safely isolated in the corner of my nursing home building, in my blindness, my own Paradise Bubble.
May LEGO® Save Us All.

Jeff Beaton

Regina – Joined: February 2014

I have always collected or played with LEGO®. The last 4 years I have been playing around with instagram taking toy photos, which sort of got me back into playing with the bricks I have. But once I got into playing Minecraft I realized I missed the tactile end of playing with bricks. So I have been creating funny pictures and building crazy stuff ever since.


Lorelie Deroose

Regina – Joined: February 2014

Growing up in the 1970s, I had just one small ice cream bucket of LEGO® – enough roof, door, and window pieces to build a little house, so it was never much of a childhood activity for me. That all changed in 2012 when I saw an advertisement for a LEGO® show in Moose Jaw and thought my husband Jeff would enjoy it. Little did I know that would be the start of an expensive but rewarding obsession! I fell in love with the Monster Fighter series and found following instructions to be meditative and relaxing during a very stressful time. My building style leans towards fussy, detailed interiors and large layouts, but I try to challenge my self to build with motors, landscaping details and other techniques. Nine years after first joining, my goal is still to one day build all my MOCs so I can put them on the table straight out of the box, and not spend hours setting up on site at a show. My favorite builds I’ve done include the Saskatchewan Science Centre, a collaborative Flintstones’ Bedrock build, Angel’s Detective Agency, and a Steampunk Carnival. For me, being a member of SLUG is about more than just creating art with LEGO® – it is about friendship and creating something that brings so much joy to people.

Tim Burton

Regina – Joined: April 2014

Tim creates mosaic art pieces using LEGO® elements.

Taylor Beverly

Saskatoon – Joined: June 2014

I’ve been building with LEGO® since I was 3 years old with lots of ups and downs but no real dark ages. My first set was 8534 Tahu and I’m still a huge BIONICLE fan to this day. I build a little bit of everything including spaceships, cars, scenes, art, and castles. A big portion of my builds start with a unique piece that I want to incorporate into a build – sometimes it results in a quick few day MOC and other times I end up spending 8 months on a castle! My favourite vintage LEGO® theme is Classic Space, and my favourite current theme is Speed Champions.


Colby Goss

Indian Head – Joined: June 2014

My journey through this hobby has been a long and varied one. Growing up, I had an extensive collection of Fabuland sets with my first being Perry Panda and Chester Chimp 3628. These sets brought me hours of enjoyment and pushed me towards a career as a veterinarian. I put away for the sets for many years as I made my way through school, focusing on my studies. I soon grew to miss the building and creativity that LEGO® brings, so I dug them out in my teen years. This distraction lead to dropping grades, but a building of my collection. With vet school no longer an option, I used the inspiration of the Fabuland characters as a stepping point into the world of Cosplay. Beginning with various animal costumes, I moved into Steampunk-inspired costumes and builds to along with them. This is when I found SLUG . I took interest in what other members were building and the techniques they used. I marveled at the gear-knowledge of Ray Morton, the colour-loyalty of Wes Rempel and the sheer bravery of Caleb Flutur’s one-stud connections. Being drawn into the world of Great Ball Contraptions by Jeff Beaton and Trevor Lien, I soon found my niche and I haven’t looked back.

Waylon Klix

Elkford, BC – Joined: October 2014

My favourite set that I owned as kid was Tri-star Voyager 6846.  It was a blue and white space set (Benny would be proud) it separated into two pieces as if when together it was meant for interplanetary travel and the smaller break off shuttle was for surface exploration.  It was a simple little build and very playable.  I always loved LEGO® but as time went by I all but stopped building.  In the early 2000’s, Nathan Proudlove re-introduced me to my love of LEGO® but as circumstances had it, I did not fully re-engage or begin to build (rebuild) my collection.  After I moved halfway across the country, from B.C. to Saskatchewan, I began to build with Chris Ursu’s collection on occasion.  He soon had me convinced to join SLUG and build MOCs.  I now regularly refer to myself as a LEGO® geek and enjoy trying all types of build though I think I may be finding my niche in sculptures and micro-scale buildings.


Rick Martens

Regina – Joined: June 2015


Jim Jo

Regina – Joined: August 2015

I‘ve been building  since I was a toddler in the 1980’s, starting with Duplo and then system bricks after that.  I suppose it was a pretty popular toy in Europe where I was born.  My first sets were some of the early CITY  sets; I remember a red house that was hinged so that it could open up.  I also built with a lot of SPACE sets.  I remember the Blacktron series fondly.  I recall visiting relatives in the Netherlands when I was about 11 and begging my dad for the MODEL TEAM truck (but he got me the Formula 1 race car).  Sometime in my late teens, I stopped building (my dark ages) but returned to set building when the first UCS T.I.E. Interceptor was released in the year 2000.  As a STAR WARS fan, I continued to buy the UCS sets, though during grad school (when I was really poor) I lapsed in the collection.  The UCS Super Star Destroyer  rekindled my interest and I started collecting all of the A.F.O.L. sets, including the UCS sets I missed, the modular buildings, and the Creator Expert architectural models.  My first MOC (since I was a teenager) was a 4-foot square mosaic of Darth Vader built on nine XL baseplates.  I came by this by accident – one of my hobbies is graphic art, and I happened to be working on a picture of Darth Vader that lended itself perfectly to being built out of LEGO® plates.  At the time, I did not know anyone did art with the bricks, nor had I ever seen a LEGO® mosaic, so I (mistakenly – lol) thought I was being quite innovative.  In fact, the nine plates sat in a closet for over a year until I saw my first mosaic on The Brothers Brick blog, and I contacted the artist to ask how he would recommend mounting them.  Currently, I continue building sets and working on large scale mosaics, hoping one day to own a space large enough to start experimenting with three-dimensional builds.


Jillian Ursu

Estevan – Joined: August 2015

When I was in elementary school, I used to build quite frequently.  My brother and I would dump our collection on the living room floor and then spend an entire Saturday building.  When I got into high school, I got busy and reading/writing became more of a hobby and passion than building.  After I got married, it was clear that my husband had not lost his passion for LEGO®.  Christopher joined SLUG at its beginning and I finally decided to join in 2015 after finally admitting that I was ending up in the LEGO® room often enough to warrant it.  My love of building is a bit different than his; Christopher seems to have something on the go nearly all the time, whereas I only build when inspired, usually by a competition, a theme, or something he is building.  I love BRICKSPO because of the freedom it provides; if you can build it…the sky is the limit.  I also love the Estevan Craft Show, partly because it’s in Estevan, but mostly because it is centered on Christmas, and that is definitely inspiration for me.

Nicole Gent

Balgonie – Joined: October 2015

I did play with LEGO® as a child but it wasn’t as prevalent as it was for some of my other peers.  However, at one point as an adult I needed a surgery and had an extended amount of time off with nothing to do to keep me busy.  My husband picked up a couple of CREATOR sets and I completely fell in love with them and thus started the obsession!  After building the smaller CREATOR sets I started purchasing the Modular Building series.  These are still my favorite to this day.  I love how detailed these get in such small spaces which appeals to the creative side of me.   I like participating in SLUG because they inspire new ideas and I’ve even started to design some of my own.  My favorite thing to build is busy, active street scenes. I enjoy putting little stories in my builds.   



Moose Jaw – Joined: March 2016


Blake Doell

Warman – Joined: April 2016


Sharif Alshurafa

Regina – Joined: July 2016

LEGO® has been my favorite hobby since I was a little kid.  It was the best toy for me to copy and simulate my Dad`s career as an architect.  From there I started to hear “like father like son” from my family and friends and it became my official LEGO® building theme.  I am charmed by the ARCHITECTURE builds, especially the residential ones with fully detailed interiors.  The LEGO® world combined all my hobbies and skills: drawings, designing, crafting, and building.  Fortunately I discovered SLUG and am so grateful for their support and encouragement.  I am blessed to have found a group who really appreciates and values my builds.


Jason Berkan

Regina – Joined: September 2016

LEGO® is one of the first toys I remember receiving and playing with.  Growing up, it was a regular Christmas and birthday gift, though for the most part, all I did was build the kits and play with them.  That changed when I visited my older cousin and he showed me his ability to make anything he wanted out of the LEGO® available.

Soon, I had a large box of assembled Classic CLASSIC SPACE, and I would dump it out on the floor (to the chagrin of my mother) and pretend all the little space figurines were marooned on an alien planet and had to build the things they needed to survive, starting with bulldozers to move the LEGO® around and finishing with large warships to fend off the assaulting aliens.

LEGO® took a back seat for my high school and later years, though I often purchased smaller sets when I saw them because they looked cool.  Eventually I met some of the members of SLUG and was amazed at what they were able to create.  I now have all my LEGO® organized in my basement as I try to learn the techniques required to build the cool creations modern LEGO® builders make.

Jenn Morton

Regina – Joined: November 2016

I am a spouse of one of the founding SLUG members or in the LEGO® world, spouse of an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO®). I supported his passion for the hobby and was excited for his new club venture. I would go to shows and be amazed over everyone’s creativity and talents. It took a few years, but eventually my husband, Ray, convinced me to build. He introduced me to mosaics and then I was hooked! I started bringing one or two MOCs to the shows and eventually became a member. The club challenges have motivated me to venture out from mosaics. I enjoy building with bright colors, of which Ray’s albeit large collection, was lacking. Our daughter now enjoys to build as well, she loves to play with the minifigs. 

Cooper Monroe

Regina – Joined: January 2017

My love of LEGO® started with Luke’s Landspeeder at 3 years old.  Since then I have continuously built with LEGO®, particularly STAR WARS & BIONICLE.  As a teenager, while I still enjoyed LEGO®, it was not as fulfilling as before.  After playing around with stop motion movies, I took a break from LEGO® for a while.  After finding SLUG, I knew right away that showing off what I had built would be really fun for me & since joining I’ve learned a lot about the particulars of building & had a lot of fun letting others see what I’ve built. 

Jayson Leys

Melfort – Joined: February 2017

I have been building LEGO® on and off for as long as I can remember.  My first set that I can remember was the good old Vector Detector 6877.  My favorite set of all time has got to be the Ice Planet Deep Freeze Defender7973. My favorite theme is Classic SPACE (especially Ice Planet.  Get REKT BlackTron!)  I also enjoy the ARCHITECTURE theme, and micro-scale building.  I am also a huge fan of Vic-Viper style MOCs.  I am glad to be a part of SLUG.  You never know what people will come up with next! 

Kylee Forsyth

Regina – Joined: June 2017

I did not have an interest in LEGO® growing up. My partner, Jim Jo, liked LEGO® and was thinking of building a giant Darth Vader mosaic. I thought it was a neat idea but I didn’t really think that there were a lot of people that were making their own creations out of LEGO®.  I found out that I was wrong when I went with Jim to BRICKSPO for the first time to check it all out. He joined SLUG shortly after our BRICKSPO encounter and I became a spouse of an AFOL. I saw what a fun and creative outlet that building with LEGO® could be and decided to give it a try. The next thing I knew, I had joined the club and was attending shows, meetings, and building small things. I like the Harry Potter collection and the sets with the animals in them. I am always amazed and inspired at what people can bring to life from their imaginations!

Melissa Meyer

Regina – Joined: October 2017

For as long as I can remember, LEGO® has always been a part of my life.  My earliest childhood memory was building houses with wheels using parts from the Fabuland Service Station set #134.  Building these “mobile houses” navigated me towards my career in architecture and my love of designing and building my own creations out of LEGO®.  I gravitate toward buildings, therefore the ARCHITECTURE series is my favourite and on permanent display in my home.

The love of LEGO® had extended to my family as well.  Marrying a LEGO® enthusiast has lead to our family spending countless hours building (and sorting) together.

Jason Meyer

Regina – Joined: October 2017

I’ve built/played with LEGO® from ever since I was a kid.  Eldorado Fortress 6276 is one of the first set’s I had as a kid.  I’ve enjoyed PIRATES sets ever since, I’ve developed an interest in STAR WARS sets and themes like Pirates of the Caribbean.  I haven’t adventured in to custom builds yet but am looking forward to.  I’m a fan of all sports, Football (Raiders, Bombers), Soccer (Tottenham Hotspur, Toronto FC), Baseball (Blue Jays), Hockey (Flames), Lacrosse (Rush) MMA (BJ Penn, Anderson Silva), Aussie Rules Football (North Melbourne Kangaroos).  I hope to build and display some team logo’s, stadiums, maybe some ARCHITECTURE or modular builds and see where things go from there.


My wife is Melissa Meyer and I knew we were a perfect match and that we would build our lives together when I proposed with a ring I made of LEGO® and she didn’t run away.  That led to a LEGO® themed wedding in 2012 and our LEGO® obsession developing from there.  We have a young daughter who is also developing her interest in LEGO® slowly.

Danette Flegel

Regina – Joined: November 2017

I hadn’t even looked at LEGO® since I was a child until I bought a MINDSTORMS kit in 2012 for my husband – then the storm began.  He started, from that, to resurrect his own childhood love for it and it has been an ever-growing presence for both of us in our home since.  Since he joined SLUG in 2013, I too have helped host meetings, set up and clean up after many LEGO® shows, and am recently getting drawn into building for myself.  It’s great to have a creative outlet I can share with him; A family that builds together, stays together!

Kristen Klassen

Manitoba – Joined: December 2017


Christopher Nikkel

Manitoba – Joined: December 2017


Gerald Andersen

Grenfell – Joined: July 2017

As a child I had an assortment of toys, and LEGO® was one of them.  I remember the fun of playing with some sort of space ship astronaut set and having an assortment of bricks; then I grew up and was taught that LEGO® was only for children.  Then I attended a BRICKSPO in 2016 and tried to build my own Riders stadium playing against the Ti-Cats and then got the Dr. Who set and started to think of LEGO® as a fun and relaxing creative thing to build with in the evening.  In 2018 I joined SLUG and started building for BRICKSPO .   

I’m actually a soccer (football) fan – Forge FC, TFC, Swansea, Liverpool.  I was a Fish/Wildlife Tech and then became a Pastor. I love nature and adore God’s creation and try to put that into my builds. I made my first vehicle MOC in 2022, a Batman motorcycle as I am also a big Batman fan. 

Kelly Litzenbeger

Yorkton – Joined: July 2018

My LEGO® building as a child ended somewhere in the mid-1980s and remained largely abandoned until 2016 when my son was a toddler. For the most part, my interests are in the Modular Building series, as well as the ARCHITECTURE series and Harry Potter theme. After building extensively for two years and developing my skills, I had my first solo LEGO® exhibition at the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery (Yorkton) in Summer 2018. I was tasked with recreating four historical local buildings out of LEGO® in varying scales, the largest being a 6300 piece replica of an early 1900s Canadian Pacific Railway station. Although I continue to explore architectural and modular building I am keen to explore microscale builds. 

You may find some of my builds in LEGO® Ideas platform/contests under the username, kellyrev.


Brandon Bezanson

Regina – Joined: July 2018

Keith Reed

Regina – Joined: July 2019

Kris Manabo

Regina – Joined: July 2019

Lyra Reid

Regina – Joined: November 2021

Kevin Goodall

Edmonton – Joined: November 2021

River Delta

Saskatoon – Joined: November 2021

Dave Markus

Saskatoon – Joined: March 2022

Kyle Hughes

Barrhead – Joined: April 2022

Becoming an AFOL didn’t happen until my 30’s when I hired LEGO® creators for after school activities at work. My career is in public libraries with an I.T. specialty. This hiring was meant to entertain the youth of my community but instead it made me a very involved AFOL. Professionally, I have a weekly LEGO® club with over 140 kids that learn techniques and build entries into monthly design challenges. Annually I get to give away hundreds of LEGO® sets through this endeavor which is due to donations and fundraising. Ensuring no kids in my community cannot play with LEGO®. Personally, you will find me creating Star Trek M.O.C. The photo I submitted is myself, in a First Contact era uniform, as a brickhead, holding a tricorder! 

Jonathan Unruh

Saskatoon – Joined: May 2022

Jonathan grew up with LEGO® but rediscovered it as an adult when his wife, Stephanie Unruh, suggested they get the Disney Castle LEGO® set as something to do over Christmas 2020, when things were locked down for the pandemic. They were hooked! Jonathan likes building architure and is working on his own city.

Stephanie Unruh

Saskatoon – Joined: May 2022

I didn’t grow up building LEGO®, but I love being creative and making things. I view LEGO® as another medium to be creative in. My husband Jonathan and I started building sets together in Christmas 2020. Now we’ve built out our parts collection and I’m building MOCs along side him. I like to build whimsical things, the less likely it is to be something I can find in real life, the better! 

Shareef Ghazal

Regina – Joined: June 2022

Luke Siman

Regina – Joined: September 2022

Growing up Luke was an avid LEGO® fan and bonded with his brother and grandfather over the hobby. His passion for Lego was put on the shelf in his teenage years, as most builders experience a sort of “Dark Age” where their interest in Lego is lost. During the Covid lockdowns in 2020, his passion for LEGO® was reignited and he began building sets again. He is a huge Star Wars fan and history fan. Since he has joined SLUG, he has been exposed to the world of MOC building, and his passion for LEGO® is back with a vengeance. His dream is to one day open a toy store and community centre that sells LEGO® products and that allows him to share his passion for LEGO®, creativity, and the importance of play with people of all ages.

Linden Willison

Joined: March 2023

Joe Smith

Joined: March 2023

Andrew Frape

Joined: March 2023

Jennifer Jacobs

Joined: March 2023

William Blais

Joined: April 2023

Keaton Cooper

Joined: October 2023

SLUG Legacy Members

Our group has had a number of people in it over the years, and some have left us for various reasons.
These people have made a considerable contribution to our group.

Nathan Proudlove

Montreal, QC – February 2011 – April 2012

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (1999-Vancouver, BC) lived a young man who, when confronted with the sudden appearance of officially licensed STAR WARS sets on the shelf of his local Zellers, eschewed all other hobbies to embrace the unique world of the adult fan of LEGO®. Though merely a padawan collector for several years, eventually he discovered others who shared his love of the brick and shortly thereafter was fully immersed into a culture of conventions, LEGO® Users Groups (LUGs), websites (Lugnet, brickshelf, peeron) and wacky acronyms that should never, ever be used in public (MOC, SNOT, BURP, LURP, POOP etc) Initially Nathan, for that is indeed the young man’s name, was only interested in building spaceships, but quickly branched out into all areas of the craft, building TRAIN , CASTLE , CITY themed creations, mecha and even dabbled in the strange world of TECHNIC from time to time. He still maintains a nostalgic love for the old classic SPACE sets of the eighties, his favourite being the Starfleet Voyager 6929, though his love of STAR WARS has waned considerably (one word- midochlorians). Nathan joined SLUG in 2011 and looks forward to every show and every meeting.


Ley Ward

Coombs, BC – March 2011 to July 2018

Ley’s interest in LEGO® started in 1970 and while it lapsed for a twenty-some year dark age, he kept several builds intact and spent the past decade or so catching up. Now he builds whatever he wants to and will expend a considerable effort to create a sight gag or illustrate a pun. While occasionally being mistaken for a member of ZZ Top, he has been referred to as the ‘Yoda’ of the hobby. There is no try. Build you must.


Chris Workman

August 2012 to May 2014

Chris’ love of the bricks began with his stays in the hospital. He was given sets during these extended stays which seemed to peak his building interest. He joined SLUG in the summer of 2012 and quickly became a key member of our group. His enjoyment and enthusiasm for the brick was evident in each meeting and event we held. Though he gravitated more to TECHNIC sets, he began dabbling in other styles and themes during his time with the group.
Chris passed away in the spring of 2014 at far-too-young an age. As a tribute to Chris, we have renamed our SLUG Cup in his honour. The first official awarding of the Chris Workman Memorial Cup was at BRICKSPO 2014.
We will miss Chris’ light and spirit, but most of all his friendship.


Flo Frank

Coombs, BC – April 2016 – July 2018


Wes Remple

Regina – April 2012 – Jan 2024

I started into LEGO® when I was about 25 when my kids started playing with it. I tell everybody now that they grew up and I didn’t. I love building TECHNIC sets and everything I build is like McDonalds… SUPERSIZED! Very few of my builds stay original after the initial build. If it came with single steering and tandem drive wheels, it now has tandem steering and a tri-drive rear. My Crawler Crane 8288 ( has tracks twice as big as original and all 3 booms are 8 inches longer. 3 Semi’s I have built have 72 wheels under each trailer and are 3′-5′ long. I am now branching out to the Arctic Series to get all of it. I joined SLUG in 2012, being by far the oldest in the group, and enjoy our meetings and shows.